Hoshizaki Ice Makers & Storage

Hoshizaki equipment is made using sustainable, cutting-edge manufacturing methods. Features like CycleSaver and CleanCycle technologies extend the life of the equipment and give you reliable performance. These features are why Hoshizaki ice makers remain some of the most trusted in the industry.

Ice Makers

Hoshizaki crescent cubers feature stainless steel construction and come in many sizes, featuring air, remote or water cooling. Crescent cubes are harder than traditional half-dice ice and melt more slowly.

Hoshizaki’s ice makers feature their CycleSaver™ stainless steel evaporator which forms ice on both sides. This design allows a Hoshizaki ice machine to produce the same volume of ice as a comparable competitor model in about half as many cycles. Fewer cycles mean less wear and tear on the machine's components and lower energy consumption, so a Hoshizaki unit is likely to last longer and consume less electricity over its lifetime.

Unlike most competitors' evaporators, which are made of nickel-coated steel, Hoshizaki evaporators are fully stainless steel, a material that lasts longer and remains highly resistant to rust. Stainless steel also allows the evaporator to be cleaned with stronger cleaners than nickel-plated components, which can only be cleaned with milder, nickel-safe chemicals.

All Hoshizaki cubers include a 24-hour clean cycle that purges the machine's water trough once an hour to get rid of the mineral sediment that collects there. That cleansing cycle keeps the machine running smoothly and churning out clear, hard, slow-melting ice. It also means you'll have to pause and disrupt your operations less often to clean the machine, since the cycle slows the buildup of minerals on the machine's evaporator plate.

Many models feature built-in ice storage while others can be ordered with compatible storage bins.

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Ice Bins

Hoshizaki ice storage bins feature sturdy stainless or galvanized construction, keeping ice cold and ready to serve. Bin sizes from 250 to 2,029lbs are available. Bins can be ordered as stand-alone units or integrated into compatible ice makers.

Hoshizaki ice bins feature polyethylene liners for sanitary ice storage and scoops are protected by H-GUARD Plus Antimicrobial Agent. Foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation keeps ice cold.

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Hoshizaki water filters reduce up to 97.3% of disinfectant chlorine from incoming water supply, eliminating tastes and odors from the ice. The filters will remove dirt and rust particles to help produce crystal clear ice. Prefilters are also available which remove larger dirt and rust particles, helping extend the life of primary filters.

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